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Souhegan Valley Rides

The Blue Bus has come to Mont Vernon!

Wheelchair accessible, curb-to-curb bus service for non-emergency healthcare and social service appointments within Amherst, Brookline, Hollis, Milford and Mont Vernon, and to and from Nashua.

There is a $2.00 fare each way.

Call 880-0100 ext. 1

Mont Vernon General Store

general store 

10 North Main St.



Elected Officials
John Esposito Selectman (3yr) Term Expires 2020
Kim Roberge Selectman (3yr) Term Expires 2018
John Quinlan Selectman (3yr) Term Expires 2019
Laurie Brown Treasurer (1yr) Term Expires 2018
Belinda Yeaton Town Clerk (3yr) Term Expires 2019
Susan Leger Tax Collector (1yr) Term Expires 2018
Nicole Hopcraft Welfare Officer (1yr) Term Expires 2018
David Sturm Moderator (2yr) Term Expires 2018
Laurie Brown Selectmen's Secretary
Joan Cleary Selectmen's Secretary
Appointed Officials
Joan Cleary Deputy Treasurer
Kristen Roy Deputy Town Clerk
Belinda Yeaton Deputy Tax Collector
Rich Masters Health Officer (2yr) Term Expires 2018
Kevin Furlong Emergency Mgt. Director
Jay Wilson Deputy Dir. Emergency Mgt.
Department Heads
Kevin Furlong Chief of Police
Jay Wilson Fire Chief
Mike Ypya DPW Director
Stephen Roberge Building Inspector
Bonnie Angulas Library Director
Trustees of Trust Funds
W. Andrew Baver (3yr) Term Expires 2020
Karen Mitchell (3yr) Term Expires 2018
Eileen E. Naber (3yr) Term Expires 2019
Cemetery Trustees
Alyson Miller (3yr) Term Expires 2020
David Sturm (3yr) Term Expires 2018
Louis Springer (3yr) Term Expires 2019
Library Trustees
Jane King (3yr) Term Expires 2020

Jill Webber

(3yr) Term Expires 2018
Cindy Raspiller (3yr) Term Expires 2019
Fire Wards
Lucien Soucy  1 (3yr) Term Expires 2018
Randall Wilson (3yr) Term Expires 2018
Jay Wilson (3yr) Term Expires 2019
Supervisors of Checklist
William Sanford (6yr) Term Expires 2018
Peter Ecklund (6yr) Term Expires 2020
Rebecca Hagedorn (6yr) Term Expires 2022
Planning Board
John Quinlan Selectmen's Rep.  Non-Voting (1yr) Term Expires 2018
Bill McKinney Chair (3yr)  Term Expires 2018
Annette Immorlica Conservation Commission Rep (3yr) Term Expires 2019
Chip Spalding Secretary (3yr) Term Expires 2019
Bill Johnson (3yr)

Term Expires 2018

Jim Bird Alternate


Chris Aiston Alternate 
David E. Hall Alternate
Steve Bennett Alternate
Eric Will Alternate
Zoning Board of Adjustment
Tony Immorlica Term Expires 2018
H.Allen MacGillivary Acting Chairman Term Expires 2017
Sheila Sturm Term Expires 2017
Steve Workman Term Expires 2018
Judith Briske Alternate
Eloise Carleton Alternate
Conservation Commission
Joanne Draghetti  Chair Term Expires 2018
Shelley Brooks Term Expires 2018
Jay Wilson  Vice Chairman Term Expires 2019
MJ MacGillivary  Secretary Term Expires 2019
Annette Immorlica Term Expires 2020
Earle Rich Term Expires 2020
Jim Bird Alternate
Tom Wahle Alternate
Garth Witty Alternate
Historic District Commission
Selectmen's Rep.  (Voting Member) Term Expires 2018
Tim Hagedorn Term Expires 2017
Cheryl Allison Term Expires 2017
Term Expires 2019
Term Expires 2019
Karolin Campbell Term Expires 2018
Juli Harvey Term Expires 2018
Ted Covert Alternate
Lamson Farm Commission
Elliot Lyon, Jr. Chairman Term Expires 2018
Steve Workman Vice Chairman Term Expires 2018
Zoe Fimbel Secretary / Hist. Soc. Rep. Term Expires 2018
Earle Rich Conservation Com. Rep. Term Expires 2017
Dawn Lyon Clerk/Treasurer
Kevin Pomeroy At Large
Louis Springer At Large
Recreation Committee


Please consider giving some of your time to keep the traditions alive (or create some new ones)!

Garden and Beautification Committee
Juli Harvey Chairman
Bethany Howe
Emilie Cassidy
Meg York
Nancy Molloy
Bonnie Angulas
Sue Ries
Milford Area Communications Center
Jay Wilson Town Representative Term Expires 2016
Nashua Regional Planning Commission
P. Michael Fimbel  Selectmen's Rep Term Expires 2016
David R. Hall  Alternate
Souhegan Regional Landfill District
Jack Esposito Selectmen's Rep. Term Expires 2016
Town Budget Committee for 2017 Budget
Laurie Brown Selectmen's Rep.
School Board Rep.
John Arico Chairman
Alyson Miller
Joe Conrad
Scott Burrows
Robert Haynes
MVVS School District / School Board
Moderator (1yr) Term Expires 2018
Tom Driscoll (3yr) Term Expires 2019
Stephen O'Keefe (3yr) Term Expires 2020
Jason Chavez (3yr) Term Expires 2018
Sarah Lawrence (3yr) Term Expires 2018
Kim Roberge (3yr) Term Expires 2019
Treasurer (1yr) Term Expires 2018
Sue Leger Clerk (1yr) Term Expires 2018
Amherst School District / School Board
Nate Jensen Moderator (3yr) Term Expires 2020
Paul Prescott (3yr)  Term Expires 2018
John Glover (3yr) Term Expires 2020
Terri Behm (3yr) Term Expires 2020
Elizabeth Kuzsma (3yr) Term Expires 2019
Galen Tremblay (3yr) Term Expires 2019
Catherine Jo Butler Treasurer (3yr) Term Expires 2020
Catherine Jo Butler Clerk (3yr) Term Expires 2020
Souhegan School District / School Board
Addie Hutchison Moderator (3yr) Term Expires 2019
Steve Coughlan (3yr) Term Expires 2019
David Chen (3yr) Term Expires 2018
Dwayne Purvis (3yr) Term Expires 2019
Pim Grondstra (3yr) Term Expires 2020
Amy Facey (3yr) Term Expires 2020
James Manning (3yr)  Term Expires 2020
Howard Brown (3yr) Term Expires 2019
Nancy Baker Clerk                             

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